Branding Building Safety

HVG Fascades is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of building materials such as cladding.

– Brand identity
– Corporate communications


When the Grenfell Tower fire tragically claimed the lives of 72 residents due to the faulty installation of its cladding, it was clear to HVG Facades that action had to be taken. They immediately began developing a new non-combustible alternative but needed a new brand and to take it to market and help it stand apart from the ongoing negative associations connected to the old cladding brand.


While brands are fairly resilient, when an issue cuts to the core of a brand – safety, legitimacy and operating efficiency of a business then reputational damage has a high chance of impacting a brand’s bottom line. Fluid developed a new brand and brand name from the ground up designed to radiate trust, authority and stability. MondoClad became the new most trusted name in cladding, leaving behind the competitors to continue to battle their poor reputations in a hostile market environment.


While the closest competitors estimated internet traffic decreased by 24% over 12 months, MondoClad’s internet traffic increased by 229% over the same period.


– Brand identity
– Corporate communications

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