Download the latest industry trends, built on Australia’s most insightful consumer data.

Fluid uses interviews from over 1,000,000 internet users via online questionnaires to deliver dataset insights for Australian consumers, uncovering the trends that matter to local businesses.


Marketing Theory

The holy trinity of marketing

This document breaks down a best practice approach to the Holy Trinity of marketing: audience segmentation, targeting, and brand positioning.

Small Business

How to build a better brand for small businesses.

This document outlines insights and strategies specific to the unique challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses.

Online Grocery Shopping

Three trends clicking in 2023

Online grocery shopping has greatly benefitted from the pandemic. Although there were initial teething issues with such a spike in demand, those able to adapt have seen the benefits.

Skincare and Beauty

ANZ’s changing routines in 2023

In recent years, skincare has become more than just a daily routine for many people. It has evolved into a form of self-care and a way of treating oneself after a long day.

Food and Beverage Trends

Four trends on the menu for 2023

Whether it’s freak shakes filtering through social feeds, food documentaries on the diet debate, non-alc beer, or the latest protein-skinny-paleo-raw-native value-added ingredients, the food and beverage industry has always been thrall to trends.

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