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For over 120 years, the family owned Greenham Tongala, Tasmania and Gippsland operations have processed livestock from over 9,000 mainland and Tasmanian suppliers.

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– Identity
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– Environmental Design


Greenham's existing corporate brand administration was split across a family of up to 13 entities that all operated under the one 'Greenham' brand name that mainly faced cattle farmers (producers), regulators and employees. The brand owners saw an opportunity to strengthen their positioning by aligning the Greenham name under a renewed brand purpose that went beyond product benefits and connected to their unique offer in the international market.


Fluid took Greenham through a strategic process to align its corporate leadership team on a new brand positioning. Fluid reviewed the competitive landscape and drew on the experience of Greenham staff and product development to define a unique opportunity within the category.

While Greenham is not the largest beef producer in the category, it was clear that their goals for over 120 years have been to offer the very best quality meat. Fluid developed a rationalisation of the brand, identifying that the house of brands created by Greenham for its range of beef products had clear advantages. It needed a consolidated branded house to connect its various programs into a united offering for its business-to-business operations.

The final brand positioning statement summarised that everything that Greenham does is in pursuit of 'the very best' meant that they needed a renewed corporate identity presenting Greenham as the unquestioned leader of quality in the Australian Beef industry.

Fluid's creative team set to work refreshing the identity to deliver a distinctive new brand that would elevate the Greenham name among producers above its competitors. Striving to be the very best at providing for customers' needs while inspiring and leading through quality and innovation.

The design used elements from Greenham's past to create a new stamp of quality. Company founder H.W. Greenham's signature and a carefully crafted serif 'G' in bright gold foil or dark blue would cut through dark blues, earthy tones and down-to-earth imagery to show that for the very best, the choice is always Greenham.


Fluid applied the new brand across a complete range of corporate materials, including sustainability reports, producer newsletters, press ads, truck livery, signage, ear tags and more.

We embarked on a journey to redefine our corporate identity, and Fluid’s expertise in branding brought our vision to life in a way that exceeded our expectations. Our history is rich, spanning generations of dedication to our business. It was essential that our new brand not only encapsulated this heritage but also conveyed our unwavering commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence. The new brand allows us to seamlessly bring together our diverse portfolio of consumer beef brands under one cohesive umbrella, and it does so in a way that exudes premium quality, perfectly mirroring our offerings. This unity was something we struggled with under our old branding style. Fluid worked to understand our unique story, values, and goals. They took the time to listen to our team and incorporate our feedback, ensuring that every element of the rebrand reflected who we are as a company.

Jelena Radisic Group Marketing & Communications Manager

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