Sustainable Packaging For Skincare

Bridge Skincare is the brainchild of founder Brighid Phillips offering environmentally friendly, plant-based, cruelty-free skincare products.

– Identity
– Packaging
– Website Design


With a vision and product in development, Brighid challenged Fluid to develop a brand name and identity. The products would all provide luxurious but gentle, dermatologically proven skincare. Each was to be made in Australia with sustainably sourced, vegan ingredients, filling a gap in the market for a brand that balanced luxury skincare and pharmaceutically proven solutions.


After reviewing the potential target market and benefits of the products, Fluid developed the new brand name 'Bridge Skin', reflecting the brand's ambition to 'Bridge the gap between luxury and pharmaceutical skincare', while also giving a subtle nod to the brand's founder.

Fluid worked alongside manufacturers and printers to develop a family of beautiful, minimalist packaging that lived Bridge Skincare's values, using sugarcane bioplastic to reduce the brand's reliance on fossil fuels. The packaging would be carbon negative, the sugarcane photosynthesising carbon from the atmosphere as it grew. Then, when the bioplastic was emptied, the remaining pack would be 100% recyclable.

Fluid designed the packs to highlight the Bridge logo using minimalist graphic embellishments and simple, bold and confident embosses. Each delivery would come in a recyclable box with carefully curated layers of protective packaging to ensure each delivery provided an exciting unboxing experience.


Bridge Skincare launched online with an organic social media campaign.

“While I only had an idea - Fluid Branding translated this, delivering a highly creative and intelligent brand identity. They are not only likeable and trustworthy, but bring a strength of expertise, creativity and strategy that I could not have succeeded without!”

Brighid Phillips, Founder, Bridge Skin

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