The Science Behind Brand Awareness: How Distinctive Brand Asset Research Can Define Your Brand’s Success

How Distinctive Brand Asset Research Defines Success

In the fast-paced world of business, with countless companies vying for attention, establishing and maintaining a strong brand presence is crucial.

Mental availability is the key to success, as it sets your business apart from the competition and resonates with your target audience. But what exactly is mental availability, and how can you measure its impact? This is where the science of distinctive brand asset research comes into play.

Mental availability, as defined by Byron Sharp, is a concept in marketing that refers to the likelihood that a consumer will notice, recognise, and/or think of a brand when considering a purchase. It is different from brand awareness, but it is an essential part of marketing. Sharp suggests that consumers buy if a product is physically and mentally available. In other words, mental availability is the effect that a brand creates in customers’ minds, a valuable connection between brand and customer, that would make the buyer take her decision to buy its products.
According to a study by the Ad Council of Australia, mental availability is as “a measure of the breadth and depth of perceptions of a brand”. It’s not the same as top-of-mind brand awareness. The primary way of building availability is by developing distinctive brand assets. These brand assets can be logos, colours, characters or anything else that might distinguish a brand. Here’s where distinctive brand asset research steps in. This scientific methodology examines which aspects of your brand are truly unique and memorable. It helps identify the specific visual and auditory cues that form the essence of your brand. By understanding these distinctive brand assets, you can communicate your brand’s identity effectively and consistently across various platforms.
Distinctive brand asset graph
Distinctive brand assets act as mental hooks that instantly connect consumers with your brand. Whether it’s the iconic shape of a Coca-Cola bottle or the instantly recognisable McDonald’s golden arches, these assets leave a lasting imprint on consumers’ minds. Distinctive brand asset research identifies these assets, ensuring that they are consistently present in your branding efforts.
So, how does this research define your brand’s success? Using a custom survey format, Fluid can identify which brand assets are widely recognised by category buyers and which of those assets can be correctly associated with their correct brand. Through rigorous scientific analysis, you can determine which elements contribute the most to mental availability and continuously reinforce them. This research empowers you to navigate the ever-evolving world of branding with confidence, remaining relevant and distinctive even as trends come and go.
At Fluid Branding, we understand the importance of mental availability. With over two decades of experience, we have honed our skills in identifying and leveraging distinctive brand assets to help our clients gain a competitive advantage. Our rigorous strategic process, developed through extensive training from global leaders, ensures that our clients achieve measurable improvements to their bottom line.
So, why wait? Contact us and let us help you build a brand that stands out, connects with your audience, and leaves a lasting impression in the ever-evolving world of branding.
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