Packaging For The Test of Time

Vintage Beef Co. was a new brand from H.W. Greenham. It focussed on using older cattle, those who have spent over 60 months at pasture, for a luxuriously marbled beef with a clean, mineral, grass-fed flavour.

– Brand Strategy
– Brand Identity
– Packaging
– Print Design


Australian's traditionally consigned beef harvested from older breeding animals to a lower-value bracket. Greenham, backed by an innovative hanging technique aimed to capture the attention of chefs and foodies seeking a unique flavour experience. The new boutique brand needed an agency to develop branding that would give consumers a way to understand the brand and what made it different.


Fluid's research unearthed a link between Greenham's approach and Basque beef practices, where traditionally farmer's used older cattle for beef, delivering a unique flavour profile. Inspired by Basque artisan craftsmen, Fluid developed a new brand and visual language that looked nothing like other brands on the market. Fluid printed hand-illustrated cattle and cuts over rough, brown paper backgrounds with hints of deep red giving each poster a craftsman's flair.

Fluid also developed new naming conventions for the two grades of beef offered. Reserva and Galiciana, paying homage to the Spanish/Basque industry tradition while still allowing Vintage Beef to stand apart.


The brand stood out from everything else in the market with markedly a distinctive brand look and feel. High-end restaurants across Las Vegas, California and Singapore, listed Vintage Beef Co on menus and, was featured by celebrity chef Neil Perry's Rockpool Bar and Grill restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. News stories on, Bloomberg and the Weekly Times featured the brand's rise to prominence and praised its ethical use of older animals.

"Increasingly, chefs are looking for interesting products to add to their offering, and Vintage Beef Co answers this call"

Peter Greenham Jr, H.W. Greenham

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