Southern Beef Branding

Greenham's Bass Strait Beef is an accessible but premium beef brand sourced from a variety of locations across the southern states of Australia.

– Identity Design
– Packaging Design
– Environmental
– Digital Design


Greenham challenged Fluid to create a provenance brand for its Bass Strait Beef brand, sourced from across Tasmania, the Limestone Coast of South Australia, Gippsland in Victoria and the Bass Strait’s King and Flinders Islands.


Fluid crafted a range of creative concepts to bring the Bass Strait Beef brand to life the most evocative of which was a scene of waves crashing on a rugged coastline, with a lighthouse standing resolute on the land’s edge. This scene brought to life the distinctive difference of Bass Strait Beef, every cut of which was sourced from below the 39th parallel.


The success of Bass Strait Beef was on display when one the primary suppliers to the brand in the Latrobe Valley was able to growth its staff by 70% over in just 2 years to keep up with demand.

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