How to Get Audience Research Insights

How to access consumer insights from audience research.

Access a world of consumer insights by drawing on the world’s most insightful consumer data. Fluid provides customers access to millions of dollars of audience research with the largest ongoing study of online consumers worldwide.

Fluid Branding has fundamentally changed the game when it comes to understanding consumer behaviour. They’ve moved beyond the limitations of generic demographics, introducing a revolutionary approach by integrating GWi global survey data into their arsenal. With nearly a million respondents across 53 markets, their data is a goldmine, offering unparalleled insights into consumer motivations and behaviours.

Fluid’s trained marketers will access and anlayse audience research on client’s behalf, providing a comprehensive understanding of your audience – their drivers, preferences, and buying patterns. That’s the power of GWi integration that Fluid Branding brings to the table. This isn’t just about having data; it’s about having the right data, harmonised across markets for easy comparison and analysis.

An example of GWi segmentation data

With a continuous refreshment of GWi’s data, updated quarterly, it keeps our clients at the forefront of evolving consumer trends. Plus, the plethora of variables available ensures Fluid can employ advanced statistical techniques such as cluster analysis to build segmentation that fits your unique objectives.

At Fluid Branding, we understand that the world of branding is constantly evolving. That’s why we leverage the power of GWi global survey data to provide our clients with the tools and strategies they need to succeed. With our expertise and access to this comprehensive consumer data, you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape and achieve your branding goals.

Don’t leave your brand’s success up to chance. Harness the power of GWi global audience research data with Fluid Branding and get the competitive advantage you need in today’s market.

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