A better brand begins with a better understanding of the world of marketing strategy and brand identity.

Why mascots work

Whether they’re based on people, animals or objects, mascots make short work of communicating complex brand messages, sometimes without even having a face.

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No room for mediocrity

With Oxfam’s recent wealth inequality in Australia report indicating that 22% Australia’s wealth is now concentrated in the hands of just 1% of its population, and with a housing downturn looming over the heads of Melbournites and Sydneysiders, more and more consumers are reviewing…

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“Gluten-free” not guaranteed

If you don’t think about it too much, you may assume that any meal claiming to be ‘gluten-free’ has to go through vigorous testing to display this status, and if it’s not an issue that deeply affects you, you might have never considered any other possibility.

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Time to slow down and understand luxury

If your normal day consists of being constantly bombarded by social media, advertising, emails and work deadlines to the point of despair, then you’re not alone. Brands are having to compete harder than ever to capture and keep our attention with promotions and new “must have” products.

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Fertile new ground

With these perilous warnings ringing in our ears, we are thankfully finally seeing sustainability going mainstream, creating fertile new ground for brands to play in. Recently a coalition of major brands joined together to experiment with a zero-waste platform.

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