Mini MBA Trained Designers

Our team are among the 25,000+ Mini MBA Alumni who became better marketers by taking Mark Ritson’s course.

Whether it’s our strategy director, creatives or account managers, at Fluid, we're proud of team members who undertake additional marketing education. Combining creative sensibilities and business acumen to better understand, innovate and lead clients’ strategic success.

Why train designers in marketing?

By educating our team in marketing principles, they can both prepare and interpret higher quality briefs. The renowned Mini MBA program provides our creatives with in-depth and up-to-date understanding of the ever-evolving field of marketing. By exposing designers to Mark Ritson’s work, Fluid ensures that its creative team possesses a solid understanding of marketing principles and strategies, allowing them to create designs that are not just visually appealing but also aligned with effective marketing practices.

How it applies to our work

Distinctive Brand Asset Grids

Mark Ritson: Distinctiveness is marketers’ main challenge

“Eighty-four percent of ads are a total waste of time because either people don’t remember it or they don’t know it was you behind the ad.” – Ritson, Marketing Week, March 2021

By sending our creatives to the Mini MBA to train with Ritson, they now not only can create beautiful designs, they know how to measure their success, ensuring their work helps build a better brand.

Audience segmentation

Mark Ritson: Millenials are not a segment.

“Millennials are no more similar to each other than they are to Gen X or Gen Z, so it’s time to leave this lazy approach to segmentation behind.” – Ritson, Marketing Week, June 2023

Fluid now helps our clients escape the dangers of broad demographics by using GWi global survey data to build behavioural segments for our clients.


Mark Ritson: Marketers, give the 4Ps a chance

“Our job is to *know* what premium our brand can command, to understand what an acceptable price is.” – Ritson, Marketing Week, February 2023

Understanding how a brand affects your pricing and vice versa is critical. That’s why Fluid now offers survey platforms to create simple to interpret Van Westerndorp Pricing charts.

Amazing creative execution

Creative quality is critical to success

“Creativity drives so much of effectiveness – and we’ve all forgotten it in the last decade. We now need to remember it for the decade that comes.” – Ritson, thinktv Media, Marketing & Effectiveness, January 2020 

There is no greater indicator of the success of Fluid’s training of its designers than the continued high level of creative that Fluid creates for its clients.

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