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Fluid Branding has been a valued client partner and service provider to BHP since 2015. 

Our experience in over 400 projects spans illustrations, template design, copywriting, animation, campaign messaging, infographics, charts and asset creation and includes high level brand identity and strategy.


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Case Studies

South Flank Recruitment

Social Recruitment Strategy

When BHP began building the world’s largest iron ore mine they asked Fluid to help them meet ambitious staffing goals. 

Manila Recruitment

Building Brand Awareness

When starting staffing its new office in the Philippines, BHP needed Fluid to build a recruitment campaign that overcame the region’s low brand awareness rates. 

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BHP Jasper

Building Inclusive Communities

When BHP’s LGBTQ+ advocacy group approached Fluid to develop a new brand identity, the aim was to ensure it could be embraced by the entire group. Fluid developed a complete look and feel, animations, and merchandise – all within the corporate guideline

BHP Technology

Technology Recruitment

To attract the very best technology recruits to BHP, a new approach was needed. Fluid helped build campaign assets for deployment across South America and Australia aimed at young IT professionals. 

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LinkedIn Learning

Fluid was approached to develop a campaign identity promoting LinkedIn Learning to the workforce, positioning the online learning content resource as convenient, relevant and worthwhile

BHP Prospects

The future is clear

Over the years Fluid has developed a number of animations for BHP Prospects helping the team share their insights on economic, commodity market and global mega-trends in a way that every shareholder can engage with. 

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