Rebranding Independent Accounting

West Carr & Harvey is a leading independent accounting firm in Greater Geelong with over 70 years of experience realising its clients' ambitions.

– Brand Strategy
– Brand Identity
– Corporate Comms
– Website Development
– Environmental Design


West Carr & Harvey were growing and moving from strength to strength. The brand needed a new corporate identity that reflected its role as a leader in the Geelong region. The new identity would need to help build the business, reflect its ambitions and compete against a growing crop of international brands that were establishing a foothold in the region. West Carr & Harvey briefed Fluid to develop a new brand positioning, identity, website and collateral that would bolster the business for years to come.


The identity created would need to deliver the promise of a progressive, professional, responsive and plain-speaking authority while acknowledging the past 70 years of service. Fluid conducted research and workshops to develop a brand strategy that would significantly elevate the positioning of the West Carr & Harvey brand. The vision was to be distinct from its regional competitors, aligned with the desires of its key audiences and celebrate 70 years of its success in 'providing the expertise and insight which enables people to realise their ambitions and take their businesses to the next level.'

Empowered with a complete brand story and tone of voice that would guide the brand's communications across every touchpoint, it was clear that the visual identity would need to be bold and distinctive. Fluid used the ampersand from the 'West Carr & Harvey' name as the primary distinctive brand asset. The ampersand was a potent symbol for the partnership the firm's team offered and provided a visual metaphor for the journey towards realising clients' ambitions.

The distinctive graduating colours stood out boldly on black and white backgrounds and helped quickly link any communication or brand activation to the brand name. Fluid created a full suite of corporate communications and established a digital repository to enable West Carr & Harvey's internal team to continue to build their presentations and communications, staying in line with the established brand guidelines.

Website Solution

Fluid then led the creation of a new corporate website for the firm. To ensure that the new website outperformed the existing site, Fluid established clear KPIs built from the existing analytics. Fluid created a complete sitemap and wireframes to develop a hierarchy of information and user experience flow. Fluid's team used the new brand assets to design a digital application of the visual identity. Working with West Carr & Harvey's marketing department, new photography and copywriting for the entire website was commissioned to align all visual imagery and messaging with the new brand positioning.

62% increase

Average monthly web traffic

143% peak

Monthly website traffic

10x Linkedin social media engagemente


West Carr & Harvey saw a 62% increase in monthly web traffic following the launch of the new website, with a peak in the immediate post-launch period of a 143% increase. With greater integration between the new website's news pages and social media, average engagements per post on the brand's LinkedIn increased from a mean average of 3.3 engagements pre-launch to 36.75 post-launch.

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