That's Not A Prawn

Grazeland is an exciting permanent venue in Spotswood that spans over 10,000 square metres and hosts 50 food vendors, both sweet and savoury, plus three bars, artisan stalls and more. It's there among the various traders that you can find Tiger Prawn, a store having a crack at doing the best Pad Thai in Melbourne.

– Naming
– Identity Design
– Packaging
– Environmental Design


How do you stand out with over 50 competitors within eye-line of your restaurant? That's the question facing Grazeland vendors every night as hundreds of possible consumers walk by to find something to satitiate their tastes for the evening. The team approached Fluid to help deliver a stand out visual experience to match their stand out food.


Starting with a condensed strategy process, Fluid immediately identified the need for an outstanding brand name that would help sell the unshackled approach to Thai Food the team believed in. It's from there that Tiger Prawn was born. Honed in roaring Bangkok kitchens, family flavour secrets are tossed with fresh local Aussie ingredients and twisted with modern aesthetic genius. Tiger Prawn could be a place where tradition, fire and freedom, collide and connect in the best mouthful of street food you’ve ever eaten.

The name inspired the creation of a literal Tiger Prawn creature that would stand at the centre of a bright and colourful blue and yellow identity that would allow the vendors to literally let their stripes show. Various pattern combinations were created to give the brand a long-life on social media, where the cullinary expertise would be shown off, enticing more customers to make a beeline for the standout vendor.


The food attracted a 5 star score on social media and got a noteable shout out in food and event blog Weekend Notes.

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