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Mark Hardwick was passionate about Australian sheep. He was on a mission to make more of his product, cutting his impact on the environment by providing frozen food aisles in middle-eastern supermarkets a little taste of a Persian classic – Kaleh Pache.

– Brand Strategy
– Brand Identity
– Packaging Design
– Digital Design


Fluid was challenged to bring to life a ready-meal version of Kaleh Pache and help sell it to the middle eastern market. Using a traditional Persian recipe, Kaleh Pache was a great opportunity to recover potentially lost protein from sheep processing and give people in middle-eastern countries better access to a timeless, local delicacy that would traditionally have taken them 7 hours to prepare at home. One key challenge was overcoming the look of the dish, which, if not treated with respect, could potentially become unappetising on pack.


Fluid identified that the UAE Frozen Foods Market was highly fragmented. The local market showed a considerable gap in food processing and packaging capabilities, providing Australian producers with an opportunity to sell traditional middle-eastern recipes made from Australian ingredients. Fluid named the brand 'Sofreh', referencing the iconic Persian fabric used for traditional family feasts. The final pack featured stylised serving suggestions that would evoke memories of family meals and celebrations.

Fluid designed a logo that evoked the large pots traditionally used to create big Persian family meals and built a range of marketing collateral and trade presenter communications to assist with sales conversations. Finally Fluid designed a dual-language brochure website where people could find out more about the unique product range.


After a positive launch at the World Food Expo in the UAE, Sofreh began exporting 3 SKUs to the UAE in 2020. The packaging design was recognised by DesignRush's Best Designs Trends as among The Best Meat Packaging Designs.

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