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The Centre for Health Analytics (CHA) was a joint initiative of the Melbourne Children's Campus. The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), Melbourne Children's Research Institute (MCRI) and the University of Melbourne aimed to digitise research, support strategic collaborations between health institutions and connect people with information to make impactful changes in child health.

– Wireframes
– UX design
– Website


Fluid's challenge was to empower CHA with a website that they could manage internally on an ongoing basis. Fluid had to develop the website from an established visual identity while creating a distinctive look and feel for the project and retaining consistency with the parent institutions.


Fluid's process started by developing wireframes and UX designs to establish the content hierarchy. Imagery and content that utilised distinctive elements of the parent design guidelines were interpreted in new ways to create something new and distinct. Fluid arranged the content, creating an easy breakdown of CHA's capabilities, with scope for additional elements that would allow for new content additions through the WordPress CMS to augment the site's capabilities post-launch. Fluid provided training for the CHA team on using the back-end user interface to ensure the client could efficiently service the site internally.


The final result was a site that respected its corporate hierarchy, but with a unique look and feel that empowered the client with an energetic start-up personality.

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