Designing Sustainability Reporting

Alumina Limited is an ASX listed investment group who's joint-venture with Alcoa, AWC is the world's largest alumina and bauxite producer.

– Marketing Strategy
– Copywriting
– Publication Design


Fluid was challenged by Alumina to develop a refreshed sustainability report targeted towards activist groups, investors and analysts. It is the reality of the development of Aluminium to be energy-intensive, but once created, has a long life as a recyclable and light material with extensive benefits.


Fluid crafted a design built around the long-term lifecycle of Alumina's product and their continued sustainability goals. Every page was presented as engagingly as possible, utilising iconic infographics or chart designs to simplify complex data into understandable insights. The final document communicated the genuine, long-term benefits of the company's approach.


The clients reported that the final 54 page report successfully represented Alumina's brand values and guidelines with a clarity of design that helped them communicate their messages effectively.

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